Confidence and Technical Skills in STEM are Vital for Kids Success

So... Why Isn't it Taught More

Build your Kid's Confidence
Give Them the Keys to Success

"My son was so engaged and he kept thanking me for letting him take the course!" - Carol

Expert 1:1 STEM & STEAM Tutoring in:

  • Applied Math

  • Coding

  • 3D Printing and 3D Design

Meet Your Tutor Before Committing

You Choose the Topic:

  • TinkerCad Design
  • OnShape Design Basics
  • Personal Project Support
  • 3D Printing Fundamentals
  • Slicing Tips & Tricks
  • Setup & Problem Solving
  • Coding Foundations
  • Visual Coding with Scratch
  • Personal Project Support

We Provide the Individualized Tutoring Program

“My son didn’t come home feeling like he ‘learned something.’ He came home with his eyes twinkling and his mind racing through the next questions he wanted to answer, the next experiment he wanted to try, the next thing he wanted to build. He came home describing himself as a maker, a coder, a designer.”
- Jess Parent
"My son was so engaged and he kept thanking me for letting him take the course!" 

- Carol Parent
Colin Meltzer

Meet Your Tutor

Years of Experience
  • Over 15 years of teaching kids and adults with all different learning styles
  • Coached and trained hundreds of adults and children in technology
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Learning Philosophy
  • You have to Build It to Learn It
  • Hands-on, personalized instruction facilitates deep learning
  • People learn best when they feel safe and supported
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  • BA in Computer Science and Elementary Teacher Education from Middlebury College
  • MA in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University

Frequently asked questions

What age group is the Maker and STEAM Tutoring program designed for?

Our program is designed for students aged 7-18. However, we believe in the potential of every learner and can accommodate students outside this age range upon request

Can we schedule tutoring sessions according to our convenience?

  Yes, we offer flexible self scheduling options to accommodate the needs of our students and their families.
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