Innovation Igniter Package

Two 1-hour live sessions

The Innovation Igniter package provides four tailored 1-hour Maker & STEAM tutoring sessions. It's perfect for individuals seeking to elevate their maker skills and enhance their projects.
Meet Your Learning Coach

You Choose the Topic:

  • TinkerCad Design
  • OnShape Design Basics
  • Personal Project Support
  • 3D Printing Fundamentals
  • Slicing Tips & Tricks
  • Problem Solving Issues
  • Coding Foundations
  • Visual Coding with Scratch
  • Personal Project Support

We Provide the Individualized Tutoring Program

Colin Meltzer

Meet Your Learning Coach

Years of Experience
  • Over 15 years of teaching kids and adults with all different learning styles
  • Coached and trained hundreds of adults and children in technology
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Learning Philosophy
  • You have to Build It to Learn It
  • Hands-on, personalized instruction facilitates deep learning
  • People learn best when they feel safe and supported
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  • BA in Computer Science and Elementary Teacher Education from Middlebury College
  • MA in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University
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