3D Printer Consultation

Overwhelmed with the number of 3D printers to choose from?
It is challenging to figure out what 3D printer is right for you. I have over a decade and a half of experience using 3D printers and can give you specific recommendations based on your specific situation. This 20 minute consultation will provide you with specific recommendations based on use, experience and budget.
Not sure what 3D printer will work for your specific situation?
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About the 3D Printer Consultation

You will share your goals around objectives, usage, and budget. I will share recommendations of printers that may meet your needs, including specific brands, makes and models. I am not affiliated with any 3D Printer brands, so all recommendations are based on my own experience. 


Starting or upgrading a makerspace or want a 3D printer in your classroom? Schools have different needs than most of the reviewers on the internet. 


With users across many age ranges, finding the right 3D printer that can be used across ages and stand the test of time can be challenging. 


Do you want a 3D printer you can tinker with? or just one that works? Choosing the right 3D printer for your skill level, budget, and projects can be overwhelming. 
Colin Meltzer

Meet Your Consultant

Years of Experience
  • Over 14 years of teaching kids and adults with all different learning styles
  • Coached and trained hundreds of adults and children in technology
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Learning Philosophy
  • You have to Build It to Learn It
  • Hands-on, personalized instruction facilitates deep learning
  • People learn best when they feel safe and supported
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  • BA in Computer Science and Elementary Teacher Education from Middlebury College
  • MA in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University
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