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Everybody hits frustrating roadblocks when learning new technology, such as 3D Printing. 
Stop spinning your wheels. Our learning coaches are experts at helping you clear those roadblocks.
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What other people are saying

I have a solid interest in computing & fabrication technology and Colin helped me to up my game with 3D printing. I went from a surface understanding to a much more nuanced and flexible set of skills that have allowed me to go much further with this technology.
Todd Bearson - Teacher
Colin knows how to harness the power of technology to amplify the academic, creative, and personal experiences of students. He is the rare educator who both knows the hardware and understands what his students most need in order to thrive.
Steve wilkins - Head of School
My son didn’t come home from Makerspace feeling like he ‘learned something.’ He came home with his eyes twinkling and his mind racing through the next questions he wanted to answer, the next experiment he wanted to try, the next thing he wanted to build. He came home describing himself as a maker, a coder, a designer.
Jess - Parent
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Meet Your Learning Coach

Years of Experience
  • Over 14 years of teaching kids and adults with all different learning styles
  • Coached and trained hundreds of adults and children in technology
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Learning Philosophy
  • You have to Build It to Learn It
  • Hands-on, personalized instruction facilitates deep learning
  • People learn best when they feel safe and supported
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  • BA in Computer Science and Elementary Teacher Education from Middlebury College
  • MA in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University
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